About mira

I'm Mira Audrey. A Finnish fashion gal who has been visiting the most beautiful cities in Europe. 2018 I lived in Paris for six months and currently I live in Helsinki, Finland. I love everything pretty and girly. I'm also a huge fan of vintage clothing and my closet is full of dresses from the 70s and beyond that. You can find me walking around the city, reading a good book in a coffee shop or exploring some vintage shops. I love dancing and could dance all night long.

I went to school and graduated as an Artisan of Textiles and Clothing Design and Production. After that I started to work at a vintage store Play it again, Sam located in Helsinki, Finland. At the end of the summer I packed my bags and travelled to Paris. I spent there six moths and when I got back to Finland I started my own online vintage store also called Mira Audrey’s.

I started this new travel and lifestyle blog because I wanted to share the beauty of my life with the whole world. I hope that my stories and photos inspire my readers like they inspire me. And let’s not forgot those beautiful places I visit.


I love the sound of the rain against my bedroom window, the smell of flowers and taste of freshly brewed coffee. Every morning I wake up and it feels like I'm living in a fairytale and I couldn't be happier.